Whoa! A pair of hands appear to be holding your toilet paper for you. Is it magic, or is it Style With A Smile?

Start with a pair of mittens. The kids’ size works really well.

Jonathan Fong

To stuff the fingers of the mittens, roll strips of aluminum foil into “finger” shapes.

The fingers are still a little skinny for my liking (I sound like the witch from Hansel and Gretel), so I then wrap each aluminum foil finger in fabric to fatten them up.

Then slide the fingers into the mittens. I also like to add one more small piece of fabric in the palm to fill that out a little more.

When your hands are complete, place them on the toilet paper dispenser. Hint: When the mitten is on the dispenser, make sure the aluminum foil fingers are on the outer side of the dispenser, so the hole where the bar fits in is unobstructed. Presto! You did it!