When it comes to making jewelry, I am a beginner. But I recently found out that making resin jewelry is really easy, and it yields mighty impressive results. For my first project, of course I would make something with Pantone chips. I quickly learned some of the language of jewelry making. For example, bezels are the shallow trays that you place your artwork in, and then fill with resin. Bails are what you glue on the back of the bezels to create a pendant. And I learned that jewelry resin comes in two parts – the resin and the hardener – that you mix together. I used Envirotex Jewelry Resin, and it really made me look good. I have since made several resin jewelry pieces, many with paint chips, and some with custom photos and images. They make such great personalized gifts.

The screen shots below give a very brief summary of the steps. Watch the full video for full step by step directions. And believe me, it is easy.


Trim your image to fit the bezel.

Seal the artwork with three layers of Mod Podge.

Fill a plastic cup with equal parts resin and jewelry.

Stir for 2 minutes. Pour into a new cup and stir for 1 minute.

Use a wooden stick to scoop resin into bezel.

Disclosure: Envirotex provided the jewelry resin for me to try, but I was not paid for this post.