Everyone knows I love paint chips. And when I say everyone, I mean all the paint and hardware stores who have my photo plastered on their employee bulletin boards as persona non grata for taking an excess amount of paint chips. But now that I’ve found another way to craft with paint chips, I’ll have to find another disguise to pass through store security.

How to make the Paint Chip Takeout Box:

A typical Chinese takeout box has two wide sides and two narrow sides. The narrow sides have flaps, and the wire handle is usually inserted through these flaps. First, create a template for the wide sides and the narrow sides by tracing on a plain white piece of paper. You’ll also want to remove the wire handle.

You’ll need four large paint chips, like the ones they have at Home Depot, for the sides. Use the templates to cut the paint chips to the appropriate size.

On the side with the flaps, there is a hole for the wire hanger. You’ll need to replicate this hole in the paint chip, so place a hole in the template at the location of the hole, and use that to know where to punch a hole in the paint chip.

Apply some spray adhesive to the back of the paint chips and glue them to the sides of the takeout box. I use Scotch Super 77.

Put the wire handle back in through the holes. Use some pliers to squeeze the wire securely into place.

How to make Paint Chip Fortune Cookies:

(These are not edible. Duh.)

Trace a circle on the back of a large paint chip and cut out the circle.

Fold the circle in half and hold the open side at its midpoint with your thumb and middle finger. Then place your other thumb at one end and your other middle finger at the other end. Position your index finger in the middle and push in with the index finger. As it pushes in, the two ends converge, so you’ll be guiding those two ends to come together with your thumb and middle finger.

To keep the two ends of the “cookie” together, place a dab of hot glue in the middle and hold the two ends together until the glue dries.