I was asked to be part of the blog hop for Neenah EPC Film, and I knew just what I wanted to make with this nifty heat transfer film. EPC stands for Environmentally Preferable Cuttable, which means it doesn’t have the chemicals that other films and vinyls have. It cuts really easily on a die cutter, and surprisingly easy to weed.

I decided to do a twist on table numbers, like they have at weddings and other events. I’ve done a lot of weddings this year, and people have been asking for something more creative than the ordinary stuff that usually comes with the venue. So I came up with this idea to have the table numbers on vintage books. They stand up really well at the table, are visible from far away, and add a nice touch to the tablescape.

I created the design with the eCal software that came with my Sizzix Eclips machine. The film cuts like butter on the Eclips. Make sure you set your image in reverse, because you’ll be flipping it over when you iron it.

Neenah EPC Film die-cutting

Next, I pulled the excess film off the backing material, and the image that I want remained. It was pretty easy to weed the little pieces from the insides of letters.


I placed the image face down on the cover of the book. Don’t use an ironing board, because you need a stiff surface to get good leverage with your iron. Press hard on the iron for at least one minute.

ironing heat transfer

After the film cooled completely, I removed the paper backing. Make sure you wait until it cools. Don’t peek when it’s still hot, because the film is not set yet. It has to cool.

And there it was, my beautiful table number. I think I’ll stock up on books now.

Thanks to Neenah EPC Film and Ann Butler for inviting me to participate in the Blog Hop. Neenah EPC Film is available at Amazon if you can’t find it at your local arts and crafts store.