Start with about 30 inches of ribbon.  Then apply double stick tape to the bottom edge of the ribbon. Here’s a hint if you have ribbon that has one “good” side and one “plain” side: apply the tape to the “good” side. As you make the flower, this is the side that will be visible.

I’ve used some covered floral wire for the stem, but you can use any stick-like thing you have around the house. Or you can make these roses without stems and incorporate them into your other crafts,  make headbands, or use them to adorn gift wrapping. It’s up to you. Start at one end of the ribbon, press the stem down onto the tape, and start rolling tightly. At first, you’ll want to create a tight roll, just as the petals on real roses are clustered tightly in the center.

As you go around, pinch the bottom of the flower where the double stick tape is, so everything holds securely. Then gradually make your “petals” looser. You can do this by overlapping the ribbon and sticking it onto itself. The overlapping creates the pretty folds in the flower as well.

Keep wrapping the ribbon around the stem until you’re done. Again, pinch the bottom where the double stick tape is, so everything is secure. If you want, you can add a dab of hot glue to the end to where the ribbon meets the stem.

how to make flower crafts