I’m a big theatre nut. So when I received the Sizzix Bag/Caddy Die (designed by my friend Eileen Hull) for the latest Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop, my demented mind immediately saw that the two components of the caddy would make a great proscenium and stage. And the greatest finger puppet show on earth was born.

finger puppet theatre

sizzix fresh vintage blog hop

First, let’s talk about the stage. Just as real stages are made of wood, this finger puppet stage is also made of wood. I used a sheet of Birds Eye Maple veneer from Hiromi Paper. It’s so fun to work with because the wood is paper thin. It’s also backed with paper, so it’s easy to work with. Although the eventual stage would be wood veneer on matboard, I didn’t adhere them together before sending them through the Sizzix Big Shot because I was doing an inlay of red cedar inside the maple. Now, this swirl die wasn’t made for wood, but because the wood was paper thin, it cut just fine. I just had to help it out a little from the cutting lines.

finger puppet theatre

The “pocket” of the caddy makes a great proscenium when inverted. I adhered some gold paper onto matboard and ran it through the Sizzix Big Shot. Then I stamped this piece with musical notes, from an ImageStamp designed by Lara Scott for Photocentric. I think the musical notes really add a nice dimension to the facade.

finger puppet theatreBecause the caddy pocket is inverted, the seams show. So I covered up the seams with some Deco Metal Stickers from Making Memories.

making memories

Along the back wall of the “theatre” I wanted some sparkle. (Maybe I’ve seen “Dreamgirls” too many times.) I had a piece of glittery trim in my studio – I use it to dress up votives – so I cut a piece of it and just glued it on. And at the top of the proscenium, I added a brooch from Bead Landing with hot glue.

finger puppet theatre

Still, I wanted this theatre to look more extravagant, so I looked for ways to expand the scope of the facade. Lo and behold, I found just what I was looking for in the Sizzix Ruffled Cupcake Wrapper Die, which I’ve used a gazillion times to make guest towel cupcakes. It makes the perfect “clamshell” half dome to surround the proscenium, much like the Hollywood Bowl, no? Using the same glittered cardstock, I made little swirls (also with one of the Sizzix swirl dies) to flank each side of the stage. I can’t decide whether my finger puppet theatre looks like old Hollywood glamour or a Las Vegas strip joint.

cupcake wrapper die

My final touch was lights! I have a bunch of floralytes that I use for centerpieces, so I put one in the “rafters” behind the proscenium to light up that sparkly wall, and one in the back to light up the clamshell arch. Yes, I’m all about the special effects in the theatre.

finger puppet theatre

Boy, I really love how versatile this caddy die is. I may make a bunch of finger puppet theatres and do a world tour.


finger puppet show