Yay, it’s another paint chip project. This time, I made a colorful gift box and a bow out of paint chips. Now, I know I work with a lot of paint chips, but instead of taking them from the store, I try to buy them whenever possible. For example, I buy paint fan decks on eBay that I use for all my arts and crafts.

For this project, I started with an old box that I had. Then I had to cover the sides with large paint chips from Home Depot. These large paint chips are great, but you can’t buy them in bulk on eBay, so I’ll admit I took 5 of them. Then I trimmed them to fit the four sides and the top of the box. (I didn’t cover the bottom of the box.)

Spray adhesive on the back and cover each of the sides and the top.

To make the bow, I took 3 of the paint chips from a fan deck (this I did buy on eBay) and cut each in half lengthwise so I would have 6 long, skinny strips.

Turn each strip into a loop by hot gluing the ends together. Then turn that loop into a figure “8” by gluing the middle, as shown in the photo. So that I don’t burn my fingers with the hot glue gun, I’m using silicone fingertips from my Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit, developed by Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza, that I bought on etsy.

Then hot glue each of the figure 8’s onto the top of the box, spacing them out in a spiral pattern to form a bow.

The top of the bow still needs a little volume. There were some scraps of paint chips from when I trimmed them to fit the box, so I made 3 little loops out of these and glued them to the top of the bow with the hot glue gun.

If you have a box that’s bigger, another way to wrap a gift using paint chips is to first wrap the box in a plain colored paper, and then use the long, skinny paint chips as faux ribbon. I used spray mount to adhere the paint chips to the side of the box. It’s a great way to get that paint chip “look” without covering the whole package in them.